Hi Everyone!


This is short notice (but if you're on Facebook with me you'll know this!)  I've joined a new band called "RESCUE DAWGS jam band" and tonight will be our first gig at Dr. Lou's Place in Roebling, NJ.  So come out & join in - at Dr. Lou's there's always open mic/jamming time for everyone, and it should be a great party!  (See below for further dates coming up in Atlantic City.)


I've posted a story about my new red keyboard which I'll have at Dr. Lou's on my blog at my website.  I first put this up on Facebook on Sept. 4, but you might enjoy reading it.  Here's the link:  http://loreconstantine.com/blog/the_red_keyboard_odyssey/  (I would add that RESCUE DAWGS came in to being that first night at the open mic jam at the VFW in Burlington.  (Speaking of which, that open mic runs the first Fri. of the month.  It's cancelled for Oct. but I hope to be back there for Nov.!)  (CORRECTION: the VFW open mic may be on now for Oct. 2, it had been cancelled for a bit, but I'll be at Little Negril - see below!)


Next on the calendar, next Fri. (10/2) I'll be playing solo at our favorite Jamaican restaurant - Little Negril, from 8 - 10 p.m.  The food is authentic, and if you've ever been to the Berlin Farmer's Market they have an outdoor grill & stand there.  But I'll be at there Cherry Hill location (posted on my website).


Additional dates to keep in mind - practically every Wed. night I go to the Greenwood Inn, Pennsauken, NJ for an open mic blues jam, and I'll be bringing my keyboard there this coming Wed., so it should be fun.  There's always a great group of musicians joining in and it's near my house, so I rarely miss it these days.  Send me a message or check on Facebook if you want to make sure I'll be there.


And now back to RESCUE DAWGS - we have several dates coming up in Atlantic City.  On Oct. 10 we play at a Skateboard Park at Sovereign Ave. & the Bay. (right now scheduled for 3 p.m.), and then Oct. 17 (9:45 p.m.) & Nov. 7 (9:00 p.m.) we'll be at Le Grand Fromage, but double check my website in case the times change.



And while you're at my website, check out video I've posted from the open mic blues jam at the Greenwood.


Take care, & hope to see you somewhere soon!


Lore Constantine


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