I am departing from my regular 'news' format to send a word of sympathy to the residents of California, in the midst of a tragic situation. I wanted to relate a personal story about my CD. I sent an advance copy of my CD to a cousin of my father who lives in Point Loma, and had been giving supportive 'start up' advice. She decided to listen to it at an overlook of the beach, and rolled down her windows, and opened her sun roof, and basically 'cranked it up'. To her surprise and amazement, joggers stopped, surfers coming back from the beach stopped, and she had a group that hung around her car, and continued to listen to the rest of the CD, and at the end, they applauded. This was the first time that I realized that what I hoped to accomplish in putting together a cohesive album was actually getting across to people. So at any rate, my thoughts and prayers are with the people of San Diego, as I continue hearing stories my second cousin relates to me in her volunteer efforts at the stadium, etc.

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