Following is a list of the tracks on my forthcoming CD: 1. She's No Lady (L. Lovett) 2. Gonzo's Blue Dream (J. Booker) 3. Willie Fugal's Blues (H.R. Byrd - Professor Longhair) 4. Black Peter (J. Garcia & R. Hunter) 5. Serenity (L. Constantine) 6. Breathe (R. Waters, D. Gilmour & R. Wright) 7. Norwegian Wood J. Lennon & P. McCartney 8. New York Serenade (B. Springsteen) 9. Thank You (J. Page & R. Plant) 10. Going to California (J. Page & R. Plant) 11. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (B. Dylan) 12. Lay, Lady, Lay (B. Dylan) 13. Hop Skip Blues (L. Constantine) 14. Ripple (J. Garcia & R. Hunter

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Upcoming Dates (See Calendar for complete list)

  • Oct 27
    Trinity Presbyterian Church,  Cherry Hill
  • Nov 2
    Pattenburg House,  Pattenburg
  • Nov 3
    Hot Shots Bar & Grill,  Westville

Imagine with video from my CD Release Party