This Friday (May 1) I'll be helping to host an open mic event at the VFW in Burlington, NJ.  I usually sit and jam with almost everyone, because it's a great bunch of musicians - kind of like my 'dream' event whenever I go.  I play everything from Elvis to Johnny Cash to classic rock and roll - you name it and probably someone is there to play it.  I might have to try to sneak in a Dead tune this time - ha ha!  It starts at 8 p.m. - hope to see you there.


 Some of my original music is now on Rumblefish's  .  I'm not exactly sure how it works, but this is a site that allows you to license songs for use in your music videos, etc.  So if you're interested in that, check it out - and try searching my name to find me.  Right now it's 4 songs, including "Serenity".  When I learn more and find out about the rest of my music that's not on there yet, I'll let you know!


 I have been very busy lately playing a variety of concerts, including the Woman One Award Ceremony honoring Lynne Korman Honickman (sponsored by the Institue for Women's Health & Leadership, Drexel University's College of Medicine) and for the Eastern Conference of NANM for the Marian Anderson Guild of South Jersey.  In addition to my continued efforts with Musicians On Call, it is now time to prepare for several student recitals, for my own teaching studio (piano, flute & voice) and for St. Cecilia's School, where I teach piano.  In addition, I now play for weekly church services at Martin Luther School in Pennsauken, and am helping them to prepare for their school musical, and will be accompanying the Marian Anderson Guild's youth concert on May 23.  So keep in touch, and I'll try to keep my website calendar updated for any events coming up.  (And send me a note if you want to know when I'm heading up to Dr. Lou's Place in Roebling, NJ, which involves a lot of the fine musicians that will be in Burlington on Friday - it's another of those 'dream' events for me.  Sometimes it's last minute, but I'll try to let you know.)


 Oh, and speaking of dream events - I now am the proud owner of a 1920 Steinway - one of those old pianos with a very beautiful, rich sound, perfect for playing Brahms & Garcia/Hunter tunes.  Pictures are posted on FB if you're interested.  Definitely a dream I didn't even let myself have because I thought it was so out of reach, but it has happened anyway.


 That's all for now.  Whew!   Hope to see you Friday!


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