Fans from more than 40 countries have visited my website in April. This is very exciting for me. The music on my album is a very personal project, and it is wonderful to know that it is reaching so many people! Here's the list of countries that I know of: Brazil, Russian Federation, Japan, Germany, France, Argentina, Latvia, Cote D'Ivoire, Seychelles, Dominican Republic, Poland, United Kingdom, India, Italy, Singapore, Canada, Romania, Thailand, Turkey, Taiwan, Belgium, Estonia, Spain, Hong Kong, Hungary, Mexico, Venezuela, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Austria, Aruba, Azerbaijan, China, Greece, Guatemala, Malta, Nicaragua, Sweden and South Africa.

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Upcoming Dates (See Calendar for complete list)

  • Oct 27
    Trinity Presbyterian Church,  Cherry Hill
  • Nov 2
    Pattenburg House,  Pattenburg
  • Nov 3
    Hot Shots Bar & Grill,  Westville

Imagine with video from my CD Release Party